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    Debt Profits Is The #1 Fastest-Growing Collections Referral Program

    Power Brokers Get Paid Lifetime, Passive Commissions Every Month
    Introduce companies that are owed money by other companies. That's it

  • Simple, Super High Leverage, Profitable

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  • What Makes You Money

    You Do #1, We Do The Rest. 50/50% Split


    One Line Intros

    Email, text, DM, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, Whatsapp... just make the intro the easiest way you can


    Sign Up

    They sign up because there's $0 upfront cost and we pay them as the money rolls in


    Get Paid

    You and whoever you introduce get paid monthly as money is collected

  • Patrick: A Power Broker's Story

    Medellin, monthly payouts...life's good


    Just Intros...Seriously

    "Crypto and Real Estate are my main focus"

    Patrick travels, does business, meets people and makes text message and email intros when it makes sense.
    It's flexible and hyper-high leverage because there's no capital invested, no quotas, no pressure... literally just short and sweet intros you'd make for friends anyway.
    You get paid your % every month as the money is recovered.
    And a % goes to charity. It's a stacked offer.
  • Your Debt Profits Portfolio is Your 50% Commissions from Diplomatic Because of All the Money That's Collected From All the Companies That Owe Money to All the Companies You Introduce...

    Think about how much debt that is on an ongoing basis...

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  • How The Offer Helps Your Network

    They Get Paid, Protected & Perks

    Problem: Companies are owed money by companies who breach contract, go ghost and don't pay

    The two parties sign an agreement to provide products/services and one party owes money and decides NOT to pay. Examples are: breach of contract, chargebacks, not paying last portion of work etc.

    Bottomline: they owe money and won't pay so we provide the fastest, direct path to getting paid

    Solution: Face-to-Face Collections. Show up in real life and diplomatically get the money

    Letters and phone calls rarely work. The difference-maker is we show up in real life wherever the debtor is, present all the proof, wear them down, throw curveballs, threaten litigation, file UCCs etc...

    Bottomline: we are relentless because our clients need to get paid ASAP and this fuels our charitable work

  • Proactive AND Reactive so...

    Everyone Gets Paid Without Going Out of Pocket

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  • Give Something That's Genuinely REALLY Helpful

    No pitching. Just share the Master Class that they need to update their contracts, protect themselves and make WAY more money when contract breaches happen (which is a LOT in this economy)

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    Top 10 Collections Secrets, Revealed

    Imagine the tricks, workarounds and loopholes we've learned after 50+ years of collecting at an elite level...


    This Master Class is for busy CFOs, Controllers, Accountants and other financial decision-makers who want the absolute fastest way to increase recovery rates without wasting time or resources doing research, hiring contract lawyers or figuring it out the hard way.

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