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    You want to know if they have money, how much, how they're structured, where's they're hiding it and...

    How EXACTLY you can get it where it belongs: in your account, ASAP

  • How it works

    Extensive Investigations Uncover Everything


    We Figure Out What's Going On

    We dive DEEP to figure how what they are hiding and how to get it


    We Launch Our Attack

    Once we determine the right strategy, we pursue every legal angle to get your money back to you


    You Get Paid

    It may take longer than you want, but at least you get paid, right?

  • Here's the deal

    Even Your Attorneys Can't Do This...

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    You're At Risk Now

    Lawyers talk a big game, but ultimately want more billable hours. They are trained to fight every case, even if there's no money there. The difference with us: we find where the money is and have unbelievably clever ways to get it

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    How To Get The Money

    Your lawyer will tell you to sue, take them to court etc. which is costly in both time and money, and maybe only results in a judgement, which isn't money in your pocket. We use all kinds of ways to legally divert hidden funds from them to you.

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    No Cost, Guaranteed

    Again, we only get paid when you get paid so it's in our best interest to get you paid. The better job we do the more we each get paid so this is why we go the extra mile: because we truly have the incentive to. What this means to you? More money, period.

  • Your Two Paths:

    Without Diplomatic Versus With Diplomatic

    You Chase Nothing

    What's the point of investing time and money in chasing someone that may not even have any money whatsoever? Even if they have it hidden, your lawyer doesn't have a way to get it to you. They are trained in law, not getting you paid.

    You Get Paid

    We'll work 24/7/365 to dive deep and figure out where the money is and exactly what angle to work to get the money to you. We obsess over this and have decades of experience. The result: we both get paid.

    You're Left Wondering: What If?

    You either give up or let your attorney go after them, with absolutely no idea if they have money that's accessible or not. Even if you find it, you probably have no way to get it. What's the point?

    Totally In Control

    You go to sleep at night knowing the STRONGEST talent pool of legal, investigative and collections experts are working overtime to get you paid. Our laser focus is one thing: getting money in your pocket ASAP.

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