• Who We Make More Profitable

    Proudly serving B2B Businesses

    (no, we do not collect from individuals/homeowners)

    Construction Companies

    Every blue collar industry you can think of: subs, GCs, equipment rental, painters, dry wallers, pavement, concrete, electricians, plumbers, HVAC... and more

    Financial Groups

    Lenders, banks, hedge funds, MCAs, investment banks, private equity groups, direct lenders and others...

    Small-to-Medium Size Businesses

    Manufacturing, marketing agencies, retail locations, SaaS companies, technology companies, restaurants, restaurant chains, distributors, logistics companies and more...

    Major Corporations

    Corporations of all sizes and industries, as long as their clients are companies (NOT individuals), we can help better than anyone else, and we'll prove it.

    Healthcare Providers

    Surgery Centers, Hospitals, Large Medical Centers, Urgent/Primary Care Groups and more...

    Advisory Groups

    Do your clients get upset when things don't go their way and they still have to pay your advisory invoice? We'll get you paid.

    Real Estate

    Mortgage groups, real estate investors, REITS, property management groups, private investors, real estate financiers and more...


    Investors in various sectors count on us to get back the money they are owed when the other party breaches their signed agreement.


    When a client won't pay, a judgment is hard to enforce or they need some extra support, attorneys turn to us.


    Insurance subrogation, advanced commissions... there's lots of situations where insurance companies need help.

    Accountants, CPAs, CFOs

    Stop writing off bad debts and start looking like a rockstar by getting your clients paid! If you don't get paid, at least get full documentation so you can leverage it as a tax write-off!

    Business to Business

    As long as you have a company that is owed money by another company, then we can get you paid. Click the green button below and let's get you paid and protected before it's too late.

  • Don't see your industry here but want your money back?

    We can probably get it for you...