• Our Culture

    Why We Do What We Do


    Our Mission

    Help the businesses of the future get paid, perks and protected by getting them the money they are owed and keeping them away from assholes

    Our Values


    1. Integrity: We believe doing the right thing is ALWAYS the right thing to do

    2. Transparency: We believe that keeping a transparent, open line of communication and SHOWING you all the work that's being done is the best way to foster long-term, fruitful relationships

    3. Purpose-Driven: We believe that together, we can help accelerate the rebuilding of our economy by getting much-needed cash flow to those who: keep our communities healthy, provide financing for our economy to grow and those who provide gainful employment to our fellow citizens

    Our Pledge

    1. Get you in a stronger, more sustainable financial situation ASAP


    2. Treat you with dignity, respect and kindness no matter the circumstances


    3. Provide world-class support so you feel like you made not only a strong financial move, but also a friend who you can count on