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    You get a check or bank wire every month, like clock-work

    100% performance-based so you don't have to go out of pocket to get the money you're STILL owed

  • How it works

    Yes, it's really this simple


    Who Owes You?

    Tell us which companies owe you money


    We Collect

    We pursue every legal avenue to collect


    You Get Paid

    You get a check or bank wire every month

  • #1 - Which debts you get paid on

    Here's the criteria:

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    Who: Commercial/Business/Corporate

    A company owes your company money (like LLCs, sole props etc.) This also includes governments, insurance and institutions. NO individuals, homeowners, consumers.

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    Where: International

    Best results are in western countries like the US, Canada, the UK. With our international network we are happy to go after any company in the world minus a few select countries.

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    Status: Active

    The company who owes you must still be legally active in order for you to get paid, UNLESS you have a personal guarantee in your agreement with them.

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    Time frame: the last 5 years

    We will go after any company that owes you money in the last 5 years (since 2016). Yes, there are certain exceptions and Statutes of Limitations that may apply.

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    Use cases: examples of collectable debts

    Unpaid invoices. Chargebacks. Breaches of Contract. Liens. Judgments. NSF Checks. Early Termination or incomplete project. Damaged goods. Insurance disputes. Services not delivered as described in agreement & more.

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    Documentation: you must have proof

    You must have evidence that the debt is owed. This includes: a signed contract/agreement, work orders, invoices, email/text correspondence... the more documentation you have, the better chance of you getting paid.

  • #2 - How we collect your money

    The fastest, most effective way: face to face

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    Process: build strong case

    Gather and organize all your documentation (contracts, invoices, correspondence etc.), asset investigations, deep background research, find legal loopholes, create strategy, and launch within 24 hours.

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    How: in person, online & more

    Others send letters and make a couple calls. We show up IN REAL LIFE, wherever they are (home, office, worksite), and make our presence felt so you get paid swiftly. The more documentation you have, the faster you get paid.

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    Results: collections or lawsuit

    Best case scenario they pay in full. 2nd best, they pay on a payment plan. 3rd option is take them to court if we know 100% that they have money worth going after.

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    Time frame: 1-6 months

    Sometimes companies pay within the first 30 days. Other times their attorneys drag it out and fight it. Either way, we are prepared and go the distance to get you paid.

  • #3 - Your payments

    As much as possible, as quickly as possible

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    How: Check or Bank Wire

    You are paid the 3rd week of every month. Most clients get checks and if the amounts are significant enough, you can get a bank wire.

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    How Much: Your Percentage

    Before we invest our time, money and resources into getting you paid, we determine what percentage you get. This is the amount you receive every month as the money rolls in.

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    Why: Different Payment Options

    Some companies pay by check, credit card, wire, crypto etc. so once the money clears in our account, we process it internally, and pay you monthly according to our % breakdown.

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    Time Frame: One Time or Monthly

    If the debtor pays in full in one payment, you get your cut in full the 3rd week of the following month. If they are on a payment plan, you receive your % on the 3rd week of every month.

  • Your Two Paths:

    Traditional Collections Versus Diplomatic

    Little or No Return on Investment

    Yes, they give you a lower rate, but you don't end up with any money in your pocket because the collection agency has almost zero financial incentive to collect your money

    Highest Amount of Money in Your Pocket

    Our clients aren't cheap rate-shoppers because they love winning. In this case, winning is: MONEY THAT ENDS UP IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. The only metric that matters

    Wasted Time

    Now, time has gone by and the debt is HARDER to collect because it's older and has already been worked. So now your chance of getting money is much lower

    Fastest to a Definitive Conclusion

    We start within 24 hours. Within 3 weeks you know for sure if there's money there and its collectible, or worst case scenario, you have full documentation of WHY it's a tax-write off so you can leverage the debt another way

    Still At Risk of Losing Again

    Your contracts are still the same as before so the next time you have an unpaid invoice or breach of contract, you have a small likelihood of getting paid

    Strong Legal Verbiage So You Win

    Imagine the most experienced, knowledgeable collections experts who know every loophole updating your agreements so you are protected and prepared for every outcome with your clients going forward...

    No Option to Win in Court

    The collection agency (after barely trying) says it's 'uncollectible, sorry!' So now you have no money, and are left to fend for yourself, no better off than before

    Sue Without Big Expenses or Headaches

    If - after undergoing the full collections process - there's no resolution AND our asset investigation shows the debtor HAS money, then you have options: A) give up or B) pay a small State filing fee and put our contingency-based attorneys to work for you in court

    Excuses, Excuses

    Collection agencies are notorious for putting in the least amount of work and saying your debts are uncollectible. The truth is they are lazy, unmotivated, and lack the talent and resources to get you paid

    Extra revenue for you

    Here's 3 ways you get extra revenue: 1) we go after ALL the accounts your ALREADY sent to collections and 2) we'll go after the collection agency who is likely hiding your money from you 3) you get paid when you do a simple text or email introduction to any company who is owed money

  • FAQ

    What others ask before applying