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    You are at risk because your contracts are missing the necessary verbiage to get paid

    Contract lawyers aren't enough. You need collections experts to add the right verbiage so you get paid when s***goes wrong

  • How it works

    Use Contracts That ACTUALLY Protect You


    Email Your Agreements

    Send us the contracts you sign with the clients/companies you work with


    We Update Them

    We make sure you're thoroughly covered by updating the verbiage so you're protected


    Delivery By Email

    You get your updated agreements sent back to you by email

  • Here's the deal

    Go From 'At Risk' to 'Fully Prepared'

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    You're Vulnerable Now

    It's very likely there's verbiage missing from your client-facing agreements. If there's a way for them to wiggle out of their debt obligations to you, they will. Prepare now or pay the price of getting burned later.

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    Play Chess Versus Checkers

    We see it everyday: their lawyers finds a loophole in the agreement you signed with your clients and the result is: they don't owe you money technically so you get nothing. Our clients are protected from this horrible outcome because we invest in making their agreements airtight.

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    No Cost, Guaranteed

    This is a special client & referral client perk. As long as you keep feeding us B2B debt accounts (companies who owe other companies money), we are happy to keep your agreements up to date and make sure you're protected.

  • Your Two Paths:

    Without Diplomatic Versus With Diplomatic

    You Lose When There's a Problem

    You're one sentence of missing or badly worded verbiage away from losing a dispute when a company doesn't want to pay you. If your verbiage isn't protecting you, there's almost ZERO chance of getting your money back.

    Be Protected

    We have 50 years experience. We've seen it all. We know what verbiage keeps you protected so you get paid. If you aren't legally protected, then you automatically lose and frankly we won't invest our resources to chase your debts. Get protected NOW.


    When something goes wrong you're unsure what the outcome will be... are you protected? Will you get paid? This uncertainty kills your culture, moral and momentum.

    Smooth Sailing

    We can't stop assholes from being assholes, but we can certainly make sure you have a smooth experience getting your money back when things go wrong. The language in your agreements need to be dialed in though.

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