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    Want WAY higher collections?

    2-3X your recovery rate compared to your collection agency or attorney, enjoy First Class service and exclusive perks without going out of pocket, guaranteed



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    The Debt Collection Industry is Broken

    All Talk, Little to No Results

    BIG Problem #1:

    "Where's the money?!"

    Reality: 94% of Executives think their collection agency should recover WAY more money

    BIG Problem #2:

    "Why such bad service?!"

    Reality: 87% of CFOs and Controllers aren't happy with their collection agency's communication

    Misconception #1:
    Collection Agencies Are a Good Option

    The Truth: Collection agencies typically collect less than 15% of the time, hide money from clients, can ruin your reputation and can be a nightmare to deal with

    Misconception #2:
    Collection Attorneys Are a Safe Bet

    The Truth: Collection attorneys go the legal route, which means you may get tied up in court for years and have to pay fees, neither of which are in your favor

  • The Difference

    Why Our Clients Get More Money

    And are 10X happier

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    Instead of phone call and letters

    We show up in person to collect

    Our network of Private Investigators show up in real life to collect so you get paid way more, way faster

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    Instead of making excuses

    We make updates you need

    We upgrade your client-facing agreements so you are in the strongest position when contract breaches happen

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    Instead of avoiding you

    We communicate how you want

    You deserve to chat how you want: email, text, phone, Skype, Slack... whatever is easiest for you

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    Instead of leaving you in the dark

    We tell you the truth

    When an account doesn't collect, you know WHY and can prevent the same thing from happening again

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    Instead of giving up

    You now have options

    When accounts don't collect, you can use our attorneys or yours to take them to court - you're in control

  • "We really need the cash flow. Having Diplomatic handle everything is truly a no-brainer. We are much more profitable now."

    Ben, Controller of Mid-Western Construction Company

    "We just care about the numbers. This is why we trust Diplomatic to handle our AR from day 30 onwards because we make more money this way."

    David, CEO of a Mid-Market Lender

    "I love that you can text them when you want something, and I'm not in the dark anymore. I know what's happening with our accounts good or bad."

    Tracy, CFO of a Commercial Supply Company

  • Show, Don't Tell

    Here's Andrew's Story:


    "What was really surprising was the time-frame and the process and how easy it was."


    Andrew was too busy for a meeting so he got started without talking and got paid within a couple months...


  • You Deserve a Great Collections Experience

    Some of the exclusive perks you get:

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    Free Demand Letters

    Stop paying for something that should be free for you

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    AR Optimization

    One on-one coaching so your recovery rate is as high as possible

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    24/7/365 Access

    You can see and do everything in real-time in your online portal

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    Liens and Judgments

    Everything is handled for you so you can focus on profitable activities

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    Investigative Look-Ups

    Get deep background info so you can make informed decisions

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    Asset & Liability Investigations

    You'll know the dirty details, where they're hiding money and more

  • Education is Key

    Free, Actionable Expert Insights

    The Industry's #1 Collections Master Class

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    "Ridiculously helpful information that took 10 minutes to implement"

    "I'm shocked my collection agency never helped me with these things."

    What You Get:

    • copy and paste verbiage you can add into your agreements right away to keep you protected
    • know exactly how other companies are achieving the highest recovery rates

    Top 10 Collections Secrets, Revealed

    Imagine the tricks, workarounds and loopholes we've learned after 50+ years of collecting at an elite level...


    This Master Class is for busy CFOs, Controllers, Accountants and other financial decision-makers who want the absolute fastest way to increase recovery rates without wasting time or resources doing research, hiring contract lawyers or figuring it out the hard way.

    *no credit card or email required, promise

  • A Look At Your Options

    Here's your 3 paths to profitability:

    Collection Agency


    plus hidden fees

    ❌ Low or NO recovery rate

    ❌ Hidden fees

    ❌ Low rates but little to no collections!

    ❌ No transparency

    ❌ No extra services

    ❌ Almost zero support

    ❌ Hides money from you

    ❌ No referral program

    ❌ Works alone or small group, no team benefits

    ❌ No lawyers to help you when accounts don't collect

    Collection Attorney

    $1,000- $10,000

    plus legal, filing fees

    ❌ Upfront costs

    ❌ Longest way to maybe get paid

    ❌ Your interests aren't usually aligned

    ❌ Get stuck in court for years

    ❌ If you win, a judgment isn't money in your pocket

    ❌ No referral program

    ❌ Works alone or small group, no team benefits

    ❌ Wants it done 'their way'

    ❌ Charges for demand letters

    Highest Recovery Rate



    no upfront cost, everything included

    ✅ WAY higher recovery rate

    ✅ No upfront/ongoing cost

    ✅ Collects and pays you FAST

    ✅ Online portal, 24/7 access

    ✅ Investigative, legal services

    ✅ Ritz-Carlton level support

    ✅ Payouts arrive on schedule

    ✅ Earn more with referrals

    ✅ Lawyers fight in court for you (if you want)

    ✅ Update verbiage in your contracts so you collect more

    ✅ Inside access to collections secret tips & tricks

    ✅ File liens for you 100%

    ✅ Credit reporting (optional)

    ✅ Turn judgments into money

    ✅ Asset & liability investigations (know the truth)

    ✅ Deep client background research

    ✅ FREE demand letters

    ✅ Team of Experts: Legal, Collections, Investigators etc.

    ✅ Exclusive, personal perks

    ✅ Charitable giving to your favorite cause

    ✅ Client-only 'extras' & more

  • Our Big WHY

    Giving back to those without a voice: animals and children

    "Thanks to Diplomatic's donations, our dogs and cats have food and we can give them the surgeries they need to be healthy and ready for adoption to a good family."
    - Janis, Director of Coco's Animal Welfare
    "We feed so many families and give kids gifts and also hope for a better future. Thank you Diplomatic for your contributions to our communities."
    - Jessica, Founder of Casa Animal
  • We ONLY Collect From Companies and Other Entities

    We're the best for B2B. We do not collect from individuals, consumers, or homeowners


    Collect from Companies

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    Give to Those In Need

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    Our Philosophy

    We collect money from companies and other corporate entities when they breach the terms of an agreement with our clients. 

    It's not ok to make a commitment like that and then not follow through... 

    ...and then pretend like it didn't happen. Weird right?





    Time's are tough... 

    It just doesn't align with us to chase after regular people who are probably having a hard time as it is. 

    Let's give them hope, food, education and a better life.

  • What We Do: Get You Paid ASAP, Help Kids

    We've Removed Every Barrier So You Can Join the Movement


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    No Out of Pocket Expense

    There's no upfront or ongoing fees. It's 100% performance-based, so we only get paid when we collect

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    Massive Exclusive Perks

    You get 10X more with Diplomatic than other options, all of which work together to VASTLY up your recovery rate

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    We'll Take Seconds

    Already have a collections team you like? Great! Send over all the unpaid accounts they failed to collect for you

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    Heart-Led, Purpose-Driven

    A % of what we recover goes to helping animals and kids in need. This is what drives us to be the top collectors

  • Why Now?

    You want the cash flow and it's now or never, realistically

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    Get the money you're owed ASAP because it's devaluing at a historically high rate

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    Fastest Way

    Decrease your AR and Daily Sales Outstanding by collecting your money the fastest possible way

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    Last Chance

    With high bankruptcy rates, Statutes of Limitations etc., this is your last chance to collect what you're owed


    The Industry's Fastest, Easiest Process

    And free



    Start in 2 minutes 100% online or schedule a quick meeting


    Email Your Paperwork

    Send over the documentation like signed agreements, invoices etc.


    Payouts & Updates

    You get paid your % on the 3rd week of every month. Unlimited support

  • Get Started Now

    No upfront cost or credit card necessary, seriously


    Text: 305-748-4416

    Email: info@diplomatic.ai