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    Welcome to the Industry's #1 Accelerated Collections Masterclass

    This Elite Master Class helps companies vastly increase their profitability by getting them paid up to 2-3X MORE on breaches of contract in the last 5 years AND protects them from bad businesses so they can grow faster without financial leakage, investment or headaches

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  • Your Financial Transformation:

    From vulnerable and losing money to protected and profitable



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    Now you're in a position to get paid & protected because:

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    2-3X Higher Recovery Rate

    You can leverage an Elite Team of Experts who show up in real life to get you paid so you're way more profitable

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    'Write Offs' Turn into New Revenue

    Finally get some money for all those unpaid accounts you wrote off and forgot about in the last 5 years

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    Ritz Carlton-Level Support

    Enjoy 24/7 portal access and intelligent, fun communications that are efficient, professional and profitable

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    AR Process Optimization

    You can get Expert Coaching on how to tweak your processes to recover WAY more when companies breach your contracts

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    Accelerated Payment Clause

    Now when the other party breaches your contract you can get the maximum amount of money possible ASAP

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    Non-Disparagement Clause

    You can get compensation when someone speaks badly about your company (and help prevent them from doing so)

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    High Level Verbiage Upgrades

    Leverage 50 years of Contract Law and Collection Experts experience to tighten up your client-facing agreements

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    Perks, Bonuses, Extras & More...

    Life's short, so why not get the 5 Star treatment? You deserve to enjoy your collections experience, right?

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    Clarity on WHY & WHAT Happened

    Know WHY you're losing money now, what to look out for, and why you're on the right track now...

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    Deep Research & Client Background Info

    Know who to work with, who to avoid, who to extend credit to and more with on-demand background checks

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    Lucrative Referral Program

    Like your experience and want to get paid for sharing the love? Sure. Take 50% from the companies you introduce

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    Insider Network, Perks & Plugs

    Get elite access to a high-level network of Power Players who we already work with, trust, and who get the job done

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    CFO's, Controllers & Accountants Do These 10 Things to Help 2-3X Their Recovery Rate

    WAY Lower AR = More Cash Flow = Beat Your Targets, Be WAY More Profitable



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  • What Others Want to Know: FAQs

  • The MOST Expensive Option is Doing Nothing

    Objectively Compare and Contrast Your Options

    Collection Agency

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    $XXX (beware)

    Plus hidden fees even though they barely collect any money for you

    ❌ Low or NO recovery rate

    ❌ Hidden fees

    ❌ Low rates but no collections!

    ❌ No transparency

    ❌ No extra services

    ❌ Almost zero support

    ❌ Hides money from you

    ❌ No referral program

    ❌ No lawyers to help you when accounts don't collect

    Collection Attorney

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    Plus legal/filing fees; the opportunity cost of being stuck in court

    ❌ Upfront cost

    ❌ Longest way to maybe get paid

    ❌ Your interests aren't usually aligned

    ❌ Get stuck in court for years

    ❌ If you win, a judgment isn't money in your pocket

    ❌ Wants it done 'their way'

    Highest Payouts & Performance


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    100% performance-based, all services below included for clients

    ✅ WAY higher recovery rate

    ✅ No upfront/ongoing cost

    ✅ Collects and pays you FAST

    ✅ Online portal, 24/7 access

    ✅ Investigative, legal services

    ✅ Ritz-Carlton level support

    ✅ Payouts arrive on schedule

    ✅ Earn more with referrals

    ✅ Lawyers fight in court for you (if you want)

    ✅ Update verbiage in your contracts so you collect more

    ✅ Inside access to collections secret tips & tricks

    ✅ File liens for you 100%

    ✅ Credit reporting (optional)

    ✅ Turn judgments into money

    ✅ Asset & liability investigations (know the truth)

    ✅ Deep client background research

    ✅ FREE demand letters

    ✅ Team of Experts: Legal, Collections, Investigators etc.

    ✅ Exclusive, personal perks

    ✅ Charitable giving to your favorite cause

    ✅ Client-only 'extras' & more

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