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    You want the money your collection agency is hiding from you. It's illegal and you deserve better

    Shockingly, most collections agencies use deceptive accounting practices and a lack of transparency to make sure they keep more of your money than you agreed to

  • How it works

    We get your money back from your collection agency


    We Go On The Attack

    Audits, investigations... the whole 9 yards to figure out how much $ was withheld from you


    We Force Them To Pay

    Who better to get money from a collection agency than the best collections talent in the industry?


    You Get Paid

    It's not the fastest process, but hey! It's extra money for you you otherwise would never get

  • Here's the deal

    93% Chance You're Missing Money That's Yours

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    It's Shockingly Commonplace

    It's a sick, twisted game collections agencies play: how to collect as much money as possible and give as little as possible to their clients. They go to jail for this all the time... google it.

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    We Know What Angle To Work

    We know every trick in the book so we know exactly how to force them to reveal their cards, fess up, and fork over the money they have been hiding from you.

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    No Cost, Guaranteed

    It's dirty work dealing with collection agencies, but someone's gotta do it! The alternative is you losing money forever. Bottomline, get your money back before time runs out and the collection agency goes out of business.

  • Your Two Paths:

    Without Diplomatic Versus With Diplomatic

    You Never Get Your Money

    It's OK. The step to getting your money back is accepting that you got conned. If you can get over that part, then you're one signature away from getting your money back. Think about how many accounts they said were 'uncollectible'...

    You Get Paid

    It's extra money for you that you'd otherwise never get. It's an extremely rare skill-set to extract money from collections agencies. We actually LOVE doing it. And hey! You get paid even more so it's a win win.

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