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    Perks that give you a totally unfair competitive advantage and keep you 10 steps ahead

    Someone's gotta win, may as well be you, right?

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    Big Perks To Get You Big Wins


    Demand Letters

    Now, you don't pay for demand letters anymore



    Turn liens & judgments into money in your pocket


    Take Them to Court

    100% Contingency-based lawyers fighting for you

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    You Deserve The Best of Everything

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    FREE Demand Letters

    The dirty little secret is you've been getting ripped off for years paying for demand letters. We send out so many that it's really not a big deal to send them out for you too. That's why you don't have to pay. Nice perk, huh?

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    Get Paid On Liens/Judgments

    Need to file? Perfect? Execute? Already expired? Trouble collecting? We're the experts working behind the scenes to get folks paid on liens and judgments and know every single angle. We don't stop til you get paid.

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    Take Them to Court

    If the collections process doesn't result in you getting paid, and our investigation shows there is indeed money there, then with your permission we take them to court and manage the entire process for you. It's 100% contingency based so you only invest a few hundred in filing fees, which you can decline if don't want to proceed.

  • Your Two Paths:

    Without Diplomatic Versus With Diplomatic

    Keep Paying For Demand Letters

    It's 2022. First of all, demand letters have a low chance of working and second, it's really not a lot of work. If you're paying for this service still, you're probably getting ripped off.

    Save Money

    Demand letters don't work as well as they used to, but hey! If you get them for free now, may as well send them out and see what happens. If you don't get paid, automatically send them to collections and get paid!

    Never Get Paid on Liens & Judgments

    Don't be embarrassed if you file liens and you don't get paid or they expire. Same thing with getting a judgment. There's a big difference between 'going through the process' and 'getting money in your pocket.' If you're tired of losing, get in touch with us so you get paid.

    Get Paid on Liens & Judgments

    Pretty simple: you're owed money but you don't know how to get paid, what to do in your exact situation and you certainly don't want to invest MORE money to get old money? With Diplomatic, you don't go out of pocket to finally get the money you're owed.

    Give Up & Lose Forever

    Usually when you send companies to collections and don't get paid, you just give up and let the bad guys win. Even worse, you lose money and feel terrible, defeated morally and financially. Are you tired of this feeling yet?

    Keep Fighting To Get Paid

    The collections process doesn't work 100% of the time for various reasons so at least you know that you have another swing at bat: 1) we make sure there's money to go after 2) we go after it with a performance-based lawyer who is incentivized to win and has every weapon in his/her arsenal to get the job done

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