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    You know exactly who you're dealing with and every red flag, right upfront

    Dodge bullets: Avoid assholes, crooks, and bad clients who you know will waste your time and resources.

  • How it works

    Deep research is your unfair advantage


    Who Are You Considering?

    Tell us which company you are thinking about working


    We Dive DEEP

    You get a full report: their background, red flags, collections history and more...


    Delivery By Email

    All the info you need, to your inbox

  • Here's the deal

    As much info as possible, as quickly as possible

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    Deep Research to Uncover EVERYTHING

    You want to know the truth right? Get background reports, credit history, bankruptcies, legal battles, collections history. You'll know if they are good to do business with or better to pass

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    A Real, Serious Consideration

    These investigations are expensive, both time and resource-wise to produce. So you can request them anytime so as long as A) you're an active client or referral partner B) it's a real company you are seriously considering working with C) you agree to NOT resell or share the information outside of those within your company

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    No Cost, Guaranteed

    This is a special client & referral client perk. As long as you keep feeding us B2B debt accounts (companies who owe other companies money), we are happy to provide you intel, deep research, demand letters and other legal services at NO COST. That's right, no invoice.

  • Your Two Paths:

    Without Diplomatic Versus With Diplomatic

    Go In Blind

    You really have no idea who the h*** you're dealing with when you bring on a new client or partner so you're at risk of having a terrible experience and losing precious time and money

    Knowledge is Power

    Knowing what kind of people are behind the company you want to enter into a business relationship with is KEY. You need to know their character, history, patterns, behaviors before you decide to invest your time, money and energy, right?

    No Confidence

    Now, you're not really sure if a relationship will work out or not. You're using your intuition and 'hoping for the best'. Hope is a terrible strategy.

    Fully Confident

    Now you know who you're dealing with and investing your energy with right upfront. And if the relationship goes bad, you are confident because you an email away from sending them to collections and getting your money back, worst case scenario

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