• Trillions of Dollars of Debt in the Economy...

    How much passive income will you produce from it?

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  • How You Get Paid

    Any and all of the following situations:

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    Refer a business that needs financing or factoring

    When the bank and other lenders said no, send them our way

    They need funds to keep operations going, make an acquisition, pay down loans, scale up... they need funding - fast & fair. You get a percentage of the closing fee.

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    Refer a business that is owed money and wants to get paid

    Without them investing a dime or their time

    Simply introduce anyone who is owed money in the last 5 years - even debts that were already sent to collections. You'll get paid a percentage of TOTAL collections paid monthly.

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    Refer a business that is drowning in debt and wants help

    The Pay-less Program strategically restructures their debts so they save more

    Many businesses can't get ahead because they owe too much money to too many creditors. You get paid a percentage of however much they save, which can be substantial.

  • How It Works

    Simple, Efficient Workflow


    See Who Needs Helps

    Use copy & paste templates so you know which contacts or clients need help


    1 Line Email Introduction

    Copy & paste a 1 line email intro so there's a record and time-stamp (your work is done)


    We Do Everything

    Whatever your contact/client needs, we help them as many ways as they want


    Monthly Payouts

    You get paid on the 22nd of every month from all deals you've referred

  • Who This Works For

    If you have contacts, clients or an audience, let's talk


    You already have a rolodex of former clients and your current ones, many of which need our help.


    Leads saying no? Having client retention issues? It's because of finances. Send them to us and get paid


    You see the financials...Why not get paid to help your clients get paid more and save more?

    Revenue Cycle Management

    Your responsibility is to maximize revenue. We'll collect all the unpaid accounts you already sent to collections.

    Financial Groups

    You're all about the numbers and profits. There's 3 ways we can help you get paid on almost every deal.

    Sales Executives

    Too many price objections in this economy? Send all the NO's and maybes to us so you can get paid.


    You get paid to connect people with what they need. They want more money, right? Let's get you paid.


    You have contacts, clients or an audience who wants more money/profits? Contact us here to get started

  • Getting Started

    No fees. Simply send deals and get paid.

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    Apply Now

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    Get Training & Templates

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    Send Deals

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    Monthly Payouts

  • Getting Started

    No fees. Simply send deals and get paid

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    Apply Now

    Let's get you clarity on everything...

    Schedule a 20 minute meet & greet and we'll send you the paperwork on the call with access to everything so you can get off to a fast start.

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    Get Training & Templates

    Everything you need to make this simple & easy

    You get copy & paste templates for everything: email outreach, email blasts, social media posts, e-blasts, unbranded 1 pagers and more...