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    Get Paid & Protected ASAP

    Enjoy the ONLY MasterClass that helps you be more profitable by 2-3Xing your Accounts Receivables AND protects you from bad businesses WITHOUT you going out of pocket, making big switches or dealing with headaches

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  • "Ridiculously to the point and valuable for our cashflow."

    Brian C.

    "Patched up so many holes we didn't even knew we had which made us WAY more profitable."

    Sharon H.

    "After 17 years I haven't enjoy a single Collections experience until now. This is what I wish existed my whole career."

    Robert L.

  • The Most Elite Master Class for Accounts Receivable Process Optimization 

    No fluff, straight to business so you're paid & protected ASAP



    You get 50+ years of the highest-level contract law and collections experience into one super-actionable MasterClass


    Access Right Away

    Read below, copy and paste some email templates and you're 95% done in record time



    Way more money flowing in, a lot more profitable, improved AR processes, protected from bad businesses, perks and more

  • Your Financial Transformation

    Go from Vulnerable and Losing Money to Paid and Protected

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  • The Best Accounts Receivable Experience of Your Career. Just Watch...

    Finally, everything you've always wanted and more

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    2-3X Higher Recovery Rate

    You can leverage an Elite Team of Experts who show up in real life to get you paid so you're way more profitable

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    'Write Off' Money

    Finally get some money for all those unpaid accounts you wrote off and forgot about in the last 5 years

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    Ritz Carlton-Level Support

    Enjoy 24/7 portal access and intelligent, fun communications that are efficient, professional and profitable

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    AR Process Optimization

    You can get Expert Coaching on how to tweak your process to recover WAY more from your Accounts Receivables

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    Accelerated Payment Clause

    Now when the other party breaches your contract you can get the maximum amount of money possible ASAP

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    Non-Disparagement Clause

    You can get compensation when someone speaks badly about your company (and help prevent them from doing so)

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    Verbiage Upgrades

    Leverage 50 years of Contract Law and Collection Experts experience to tighten up your client-facing agreements

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    Perks, Bonuses, Presents

    Life's short, so why not get the 5 Star treatment? You deserve to enjoy your experience, right?

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    Clarity on WHY

    Know WHY you're losing money now, what to look out for, and why you're on the right track now...

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    Background Info

    Know who to work with, who to avoid, who to extend credit to and more with on-demand background checks

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    Lucrative Referral Program

    Like your experience and want to get paid for sharing the love? Sure. Take 50% from the companies you intro

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    Network Perks & Plugs

    Get elite access to a high-level network of Power Players who we already work with, trust, and get the job done


    Get Access Now With a Full No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

    If you don't feel it was worth what you paid, email us and get a full refund "no questions asked" right away. Seriously.

    Get Paid, Protected & Profitable: A MasterClass by Diplomatic AI

    Get Paid, Protected & Profitable: A MasterClass by Diplomatic AI

    B2B Companies who want to be WAY more profitable and stay protected from bad businesses use this accelerated MasterClass to:

    - VASTLY increase the profitability of their Accounts Receivables
    - Upgrade their client-facing agreements so they are water-tight and bulletproof
    - Leverage Elite Investigative access to make informed decisions about who to work with, who to extend credit to and other critical decisions
    - Learn the dirty secrets of the Collections world *EXPOSED* and how it's killing your cashflow
    - The secret way you can enjoy bonuses, perks and presents you can't get anywhere else
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  • "It's like getting a weeklong workshop worth of value in 30 minutes for a fraction of the price. Unbelievably valuable, especially in today's economic times."

    Jerry P.