• Got it! Two pieces of good news:

    1. You're almost done

    2. You've got the best agency waiting to get you paid...

    Heres your next last 3 quick, free, easy steps to do now:



    Be clear on the agreement terms and what % you get so you're comfortable



    Sign the simple 1 page agreement in your email so you're protected



    Someone at your company emails your proof now so we can start

  • #1. What does the agreement say and what % do you get?

    Based on what you just told us, here's your answers:

  • #2. How to sign the 1 page agreement now on your phone or computer

    It's only a few clicks and takes 10 seconds

    Here's how:

  • broken image

    Go to your email

    The same email you just entered earlier...

  • broken image

    Click on: Jason @ Diplomatic sent you the document...

    If it's not in your inbox, check your spam folder... it's there.

  • broken image

    Click the big green 'OPEN THE DOCUMENT' button

    And the agreement will open right away...

  • broken image

    Click the yellow 'START' button

    So you can read and sign...

  • broken image

    Click the red 'Signature' button

    So you can sign...

  • broken image

    Click Draw or Type and add your signature

    Click the green Accept and sign button

  • broken image

    Click the Yellow 'Finish' button

    That's it!

  • #3. Email Your Proof Now (LAST STEP)

    You or someone at your company emails over everything
    that shows you are owed the money

  • broken image

    Go to your email inbox now

    Click on Jason @ Diplomatic re: unpaid accounts [ACTION REQUIRED]

  • broken image

    Hit Reply and email EVERYTHING

    You or someone at your company emails over as much proof as possible within 48 hours: signed agreements, invoices, work/change orders, email/text correspondences... the more the better chance of getting paid

  • What You Can Expect

    As we move forward together...


    A welcome message

    You'll get a warm welcome from our team, a PDF copy of your agreement in your email right away, and a direct email and phone number where you can communicate



    You get weekly email updates and monthly payouts (3rd week of the month)



    Keep the line of communication open. We're both on the same team working to get paid!

  • Go to your email now...

    Sign the agreement and send over the proof so you can get paid!