• Experts at Turning Debts into Profits

    If you're owed money, are paying too much on your debts or need fair financing, you're in the right place, guaranteed

  • Be More Profitable

    Here's How:

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    Elite AR Recovery

    Get the Money You're Owed

    Cost: 100% Performance-Based

    >collect any debts since 2016
    >payouts on the 22nd monthly

    >zero out of pocket expense

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    Fair Financing

    Get Great Rates & Terms

    Cost: Depends on Your Needs

    >funding even if banks say no

    >rates/terms that work for you

    >fast approvals

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    Pay-Less Program

    Restructure Your Debts

    Cost: Performance-Based

    >stop paying so much

    >big monthly saving

    >creative debt restructuring

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  • Get the Money You're Owed, Finally

    We believe you deserve to get paid for work you've done


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    Enjoy a New, Profitable Monthly Revenue Stream

    Imagine how much money you're owed in the last 5+ years in total. Send us ALL your unpaid accounts, we cover all the expenses, and we'll pay you a percentage of what we collect on the 22nd every month.


    No need to switch your collection agency - send us all the unpaid accounts they didn't collect, before it's too late.

  • Get Financing You Can Afford

    Enjoy rates, terms and service that work for you


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    Get the money you need to keep growing

    Need funds to keep operations going, pay debts, make an acquisition, cover pay gaps, or scale faster but your banks and lenders said no?

    That's when people count on us to creatively get them the funds they need with fast approvals, great terms and ongoing support.

  • Pay Less on Your Debts, Guaranteed

    Stop paying so much and keep more in your pocket


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    Increase your profitability by renegotiating your debts

    Feel like you're paying out way too much to your creditors on a weekly or monthly basis? You probably are...


    We'll make sure your debts are restructured in a way that makes sense so you aren't bogged down by massive payments and can finally start growing your business like you've always wanted.

  • Yes, We Have Skin in the Game

    So We're Forced to Get You Results

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    AR Recovery

    No collections, no charge

    We cover all expenses so you don't go out of pocket. The pressure is on us to perform because we're footing the bills.

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    No deal, no dollars

    We get lenders fighting over your deal so you have options. Our interests and goals are aligned: get you a fair deal ASAP.

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    Debt Restructuring

    No savings, no payment

    We are forced to create savings for you because we're only successful when you're happy and accept your offer.

  • "My ship was sinking paying so much every month, until I got my debts restructured and am finally back on track."

    Sheryl - California

    "I'm still shocked they are collecting on my oldest accounts and love seeing the wire hit my account every month."

    Dr. K - New Jersey

    "When I was in a crunch and the bank said no, these guys pulled through and helped keep my business going."

    Casey - Nebraska

  • You don't want another expensive consultant. You deserve results

    Performance-based financial services is the New Black and Diplomatic AI is leading the way.


    There's never in our history, been so many trillions of dollars of debt out there holding people back from their true potential.

    We're on a mission to make your business more profitable and work obsessively to make it happen.

  • Let's Drastically Increase Your Profitability

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