• Finally, you can get paid what you're owed without any upfront cost


    Simply let us know which companies owe your company money. Private investigators go in real life to get your money back, 100% commission-based Zero Upfront Cost, Check or Bank Wire Payouts, FREE Protection, Legal & Investigative Services Included

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    Enjoy consistent monthly payouts

    As we collect the money you're owed, your portion is sent directly to you every month like clockwork, guaranteed.

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    Learn the dirty details beforehand

    Get deep research and full investigations into companies you are thinking about working with. See red flags upfront, avoid assholes.

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    Stay protected from bad businesses

    Your contracts are missing the verbiage needed to get you paid fully when things go wrong. We add it in for our clients FREE of charge.

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    Know if they have the money or not

    With asset and liability investigations, you know if they have the money, where they are hiding it, how much, how they are structured & what your options are.

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    Get the money that was withheld from you

    Most collections agencies hide money from their clients. We'll do a full audit and get you the money you're rightfully owed by them.

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    Leverage industry-leading advisory & support

    Need clarity? Want to have your options explained to you? Prefer email and text over Zoom meetings? You got it, your way.

  • Proactive AND Reactive

    Less Problems, More Profits

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  • Extra Client Perks

    No upsell. This is all included for clients who start today:

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    Demand Letters




    Stop paying $100 - $5,000 for demand letters. Now, it's free for your company

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    Take Them to Court



    (*just pay State Filing Fee)

    Want to sue? Get a 100% performance-based lawyer fighting for you

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    Liens & Judgments

    New, active or expired



    We'll handle them for you the proper way, even if they are old or expired

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    Get paid & protected before it's too late

    No upfront cost or credit card required, Guaranteed

  • Lawyer vs. Collection Agencies vs. Diplomatic

    Explore your options so you feel confident:


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    PLUS ongoing billable hours

    Big upfront cost

    Your interests aren't aligned

    Get stuck in court for years

    If you win, a judgment isn't money in your pocket

    Lacking investigative tools

    Wants it done 'their way'

    Longest way you get paid

    Collection Agency

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    plus hidden fees

    Hidden fees

    No transparency

    Low or NO recovery rate

    No extra services

    Almost zero support

    Hides money from you

    No referral program

    No lawyers to help you

    Highest-Performance & Payouts


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    seriously, 100% performance-based

    No upfront cost

    Online portal for 24/7 access

    Actually collects and pays you

    Investigative, legal services

    Ritz-Carlton level support

    Pays you in full, on time

    Earn even more with referrals

    Lawyers fight in court for you

  • Why Now?

    Get paid NOW before it's too late...

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    Going under

    Companies are going bankrupt, dissolving and going out of business at an alarming rate so you need to get paid before they are gone forever

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    Every day, the dollars you're owed are worth less, so the SOONER you collect, the FASTER you can reinvest it in what matters most to you

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    There's only one Diplomatic and we're SLAMMED. Everyone wants extra money without any out of pocket expense, so apply today while it's still possible

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    Get paid & protected before it's too late

    No upfront cost or credit card required, Guaranteed