• Top 10 Transformational Benefits

    Now, you have the upper edge without going out of pocket

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    STOP losing money, START getting it in your account

    You're losing a TON of money by sending your unpaid accounts to a collection agency who barely even tries, and we'll prove it so you finally get the money in your pocket, where it belongs. Yes, even liens, judgments... you name it, we're ready to get you paid.

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    STOP guessing, START knowing who you work with

    You know that funny feeling you get sometimes talking to someone? Red flags? Now before you take on a new client or extend them more credit, KNOW their history and other details so you can avoid disaster situations.

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    STOP losing disputes, START winning them

    The truth is the agreements your clients sign are missing the exact verbiage you need to WIN disputes when something goes wrong - even if they go out of business, you can get paid. We've got you covered.

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    STOP accepting excuses, START getting every dollar

    Lawyers don't have access to our asset investigation tools, and collection agencies don't care. Now instead of losing money, we FIND all offshore/hidden accounts, liquid/overseas funds and use legal strategies to divert the money to you.

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    STOP losing with liens, START using them to get paid

    Anyone can file a liens but not everyone does the entire process flawlessly. If you mess up, it can invalidate the debt, at your expense. Now, you're covered from notice of intent, to filing to executing so you can sit back and let the Experts get you paid.

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    STOP letting them keep your money, START getting it back

    Yes it's totally illegal, but many collection agencies fudge or hide their accounting so they keep money that actually belongs to you. We'll prove it by going after your current collection agency and getting you money you don't even know you're owed.

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    STOP giving up on uncollectible debts, START winning in court

    Now, when a debt is deemed uncollectible, you probably just give up and write it off. Now, when our asset investigation shows there is MONEY there, we'll go the distance by taking them to court with a 100% contingency-based lawyer fighting for you.

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    STOP accepting subpar service, START enjoying 5 star support

    You just want your money back, clarity on accounts and clear communications without long lags and unnecessary meetings, right? Now you get a 24/7 online portal, world-class support and the experience you know you deserve so you can do less and make more.

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    STOP paying for demand letters, START getting them for FREE

    Tired of paying $25 - $5,000+ for demand letters? We send out so many that it's really not a big deal to send them out for you too. Nothing in life is free, so instead of making you pay, just keep sending us your unpaid accounts --- is that fair?

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    STOP getting bad advice, START leveraging world-class advisory

    The most expensive option is wasting time - and acting on - bad advice. Now, you leverage the decades of experience of top legal, collections, advisory, and investigative Experts who are financially incentivized for you to win. They don't get paid until you do.

  • Tired of Losing & Want to Get Paid & Protected?

    No cost or credit card required, so no excuse...