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    Get A New Capital Source to Grow Your Investments

    Introduce a company that's owed money by another company and ALL profits from collecting the debts owed are rolled into your investments

  • Simple, High Leverage, Profitable

    Get Investment Capital By Helping Your Network Get Paid Money They Are Owed

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  • How You Get Capital

    You Do #1, We Do The Rest


    One Line Intros

    Email or text message intros to anyone in your network who is owed money by a company, fund or group (breach of contract, fraud etc.)


    Sign Up

    They sign up because there's $0 upfront cost and we pay them as the money rolls in. It's 'found money' for them they would otherwise never get


    Capital for Your Ventures

    Your contact gets their %. Your % and Diplomatic's % get rolled into your investments according to a split we both agree to upfront

  • How The Offer Helps Your Network

    They Get Paid, Protected & Perks

    Problem: Companies are owed money by companies who breach contract, go ghost and don't pay

    The two parties sign an agreement to provide products/services and one party owes money and decides NOT to pay. Examples are breach of contract, chargebacks, not paying last portion of work etc.

    Bottomline: they owe money and won't pay so we provide the fastest, direct path to getting paid

    Solution: Face-to-Face Collections. Show up in real life and do everything to get the money

    Letters and phone calls rarely work. The difference-maker is we show up in real life wherever the debtor is, present all the proof, wear them down, threaten litigation, file UCCs etc..


    Bottomline: we do whatever it takes to *legally* get the money owed to our clients ASAP

  • Proactive AND Reactive so...

    Everyone Gets Paid Without Going Out of Pocket

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  • FAQs

    Let's Answer ALL Yours Questions Right Upfront

  • Last Steps to Start

    Here They Are:



    Let's meet for 10-15 min and work out a deal



    Understand the full offer and materials



    Fire off intros by text, email, social media etc.

  • Ready to Get a New Source of Capital?

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